Making Mad Mats®

Mad Mats® indoor/outdoor mats are made for serious all weather use. Constructed of recycled plastic, they do not fade or rot and carry a one year color warranty.  Dirt and debris can be rinsed off with a garden hose or mopped with mild detergent .  Mad Mats® are manufactured under fair trade conditions. Our promise to you, our buyer, is to stand behind our mats andyour customers' satisfaction at all costs.You can be proud to carry the original Mad Mats® with the original, time proven plastic formula and our reliable GOLD STANDARD quality. The small details like border and stitch details are carefully considered and adjusted to produce the end product.
Waiting for the perfect version of Palm design to emerge from the loom.
Attention to smallest details including actual thread row counts along the ends.
Close tabs are kept on the concentration and match of colors .
We constantly sample and adjust during initial production.
Working through color development.
Loading the loom with threads.
After Army's color choices, highly sophisticated color matching brings the threads of life. This dedication to color that gives Mad Mads® their luscious look....