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Terms & Conditions

Please read our retail and wholesale terms of sale carefully. By placing an order, you agree that you have read and that you accept these terms:

Retail Order Terms of Sale:

At present, we can only sell and ship retail products in the U.S.   If you live in Canada please visit your favorite home furnishing store to find our products.

It is not necessary to register with to place an order, but registering allows you to track your order history and will speed up your shopping experience in the future. When ordering, please be sure that your phone number and your address information are correct to ensure prompt delivery. Mariachi will charge for returns and re-shipping due to incorrect address information.

If there is any damage or problem with your order, you must notify us at and return your order within 10 days to receive credit. Mariachi will not hesitate to credit your account or replace the item, but any damage needs to reported in a timely fashion. 

If the product isn't damaged, but you are unhappy with the color for example, please e-mail us immediately at  We will email you return instructions, and will refund your money (less shipping charges) upon return of the item. 

If your credit card is denied, you will receive an email notice at the email address you provided. Orders will be held until you supply us with a new card number at  Be sure to reference the order number in the email subject line when you submit the new information, for the fastest response and shipping time.

Please allow 14 days for shipment.  If the item is out of stock you will receive an email notice as well as our estimate of when the item will be back in stock.

We are here to help - if you need a rush delivery, e.g. for a special event, we will do all we can to get your order to you. BE ADVISED: Overnight or rush shipping can sometimes cost as much or more than the item you purchased! For your protection, Mariachi will always ask for your approval by email of the total charges before we ship your order by air.

Retailers - Wholesale Orders Terms of Sale:

Customer Satisfaction: All our goods are handmade and therefore you will find irregularities and imperfections in them.

Sweep Dreams: Every Sweep Dream broom is hand dyed and hand crafted. Variations in color and stitching are to be expected and do not constitute cause for return.
Mad Mats/Mad Sacks:  These products are finished by hand. Variations in the ribbon and edging are to be expected. Occasionally there are variations in the plastic stitching of the mat.  A single dropped stitch is not cause for return, however if you feel you have received a truly defective item, please call us immediately at 800-871-7494 for return information or email us at Mariachi is dedicated to quality and customer satisfaction.
Packaging: Mad Mats are packed using tape only; there are no box cutters in our shipping area. Please use care opening boxes as sliced up rugs result from careless opening, not from factory flaws, and do not constitute cause for return.
Minimum Orders: Our opening order minimum is $500.00. Minimum reorder is $150.00
Terms of payment: Opening orders must be paid by major credit card (AMEX, VISA or MASTERCARD).
Billing Terms: Mariachi Imports is factored by DSA Finance Corp. Net 30 billing for reorders can be arranged upon request. For customers with approved credit net 60 terms can be arranged for an additional 2%. Please be advised that all issues surrounding a factored invoiced must be addressed to DSA Finance directly. DSA charges an additional 4% for factored invoices that are paid with a credit card.
Returned check for insufficient funds:  $100.00 fee  
Cancellations: Must be sent in writing by fax to 856-314-8173 or email at, and must be confirmed by Mariachi Imports one week before due date. Once shipped all sales are final. No consignments.
Order fulfillment: Unless otherwise specified in writing, ORDERS RECEIVED ARE IMMEDIATELY PROCESSED AND SENT TO THE WAREHOUSE. YOUR ORDER WILL BE TAKEN AT FACE VALUE AND SHIPPED AS SOON AS POSSIBLE. Buyers are responsible for their orders. Backorders less than 60 days old are filled immediately as available unless cancelled in writing. All sales are final. Returns and exchanges cannot be accepted.
Delivery assurance: We will replace any items that are lost or damaged in transit with the following exceptions:
- Items that are delivered without an authorized signature; Buyers’ special arrangements with carriers are not Mariachi’s responsibility.
- Any loss or damage incurred during third party delivery. (See below)
- Losses or damages must be reported to Mariachi within 10 days of delivery. We will gladly replace all available items or reimburse you the cost plus freight of any item we can’t replace.
We will not accept a deduction from the invoice if we have not been notified of the shortage.
Third Party Shipping: We will comply with all third party freight requests within these limits:
- All Customers with their own shipping contracts must state their shipping terms and freight account numbers on
each Purchase Order. We will not accept deductions for freight contracted by us unless instructed otherwise on each specific P.O.
- We will ship “Third Party” freight only for orders over $1,000.00. All orders under $1,000.00 will be shipped using our FedEx account. NO EXCEPTIONS
Area Exclusivity: Mariachi Imports will make every attempt to protect a reasonable sales area for customers who have purchased more that $5,000 in the last 12 months. Please understand that what constitutes a “reasonable” area is relative, and these issues will be decided on a case by case basis. Furthermore, because it is impossible for us to monitor every location we cannot make any guarantees on this issue. If there is a conflict, please call us and we will try our best to remedy the situation.
Intellectual Property and Branding:  Mariachi Imports is committed to supporting independent retailers, and we expect our customers to honor our efforts by respecting and protecting our brands in return. We are not a job shop; you will not see our products in mass merchant stores or anywhere else, or re- labeled as something or someone else’s discounted product. All Mad Mats®, Mad Sacks®, and Sweep Dreams® are internationally copyrighted.

All Rights Reserved: All Mad Mats®, Mad Sacks®, and Sweep Dreams® product design, trademarks, copyrights, distribution rights, and all other related intellectual property such as printed catalogs, cards, labels, packaging, and designs are the sole property of Mariachi Imports.  Improper use or crediting will result in stoppage of all product delivery and will negate any and all contractual obligations to supply Mad Mats®, Mad Sacks® or Sweep Dreams®. This supersedes any and all supply agreements. Improper crediting also includes the use of the Mad Mats® mat display  or the Sweep Dreams® broom display for storage of competing product of any kind, no exceptions.  



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