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Sweep Dreams Story

During one of our trips to Northern Thailand, we saw people sweeping their houses and porches with hand-made, simple brooms dyed in bright, primary colors. Always the curious, we de-constructed the brooms to discover an incredibly durable and clever method of weaving the sorghum bristles and attaching them to hand-cut, sun-dried bamboo handles.

These hard-working brooms were brightly colored – but monochromatic. What if? We immediately started experimenting with different color combinations, decorating the wooden handles and accentuating the woven stitching. Even we were blown away by the gorgeous color and pattern arrangements that elevate this every-day object to a true work of art.

100% sustainable, our brooms are made from renewable sorghum and bamboo and are dyed with non-toxic colors. And as extra bonus, we leave in the naturally occurring sorghum seeds and buds in the bristles – according to Eastern folklore, the buds brings good luck for the coming year. We are also really excited that our Sweep Dreams brooms have found a place in African-American weddings across the U.S. as part of the “jumping the broom” tradition.

Our brooms and whisks make an enduring addition to your kitchen, patio or garden. Clean the broom with water only; our eco-friendly dyes will run when you use detergents. Sweep on! 

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