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Mad Mats Story

A number of years ago we stumbled across vintage looms, nearly forgotten and idle. Like old player pianos, they followed patterns from punch cards – almost prehistoric by today’s standards. About the same time we were looking at incorporating recycled materials into our products as a way to build sustainability.

Rugs made from recycled materials! Our creative juices were flowing; what a great design opportunity, a colorist’s dream. Amy set out to design a line of rugs that ranged from traditional patterns to bold geometrics, adding her unique color sensibilities along the way. Today we are also proud to partner with other designers, such as super-talented Jane Adams in NOLA, to always remain well ahead of the expected and ho-hum.

The result is the best-made, 100% carefree outdoor rug on the planet. Mad Mats are woven with the highest-grade poly made from recycled plastics; like soda and water bottles, packaging, etc. We sourced state-of-the-art conditioners to make the tubular threads softer and resilient (Amy compares them to “al dente spaghetti”), colorants for brighter, vivid colors, and UV inhibitors to keep them from fading. The result is that our rugs don’t fade, stain, or trap moisture or mildew. Exactly how it should be: no care is carefree!

Each rug comes with a one-year color guarantee and in full sun our rugs will easily last three to four seasons. But don’t be tempted to mess with a good thing: please do not use bleach or other harsh household chemicals to clean Mad Mats. Simply rinse the rug off with a garden hose and it will give you years of outdoor living pleasure.

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